intégration des enfants présentant un défi particulier
(Integration of special needs children)

The family policy adopted by the government of Quebec advocates accessibility of services to all children, whatever their particular reality or conditions. Handicapped children, children presenting behaviour disorders, and children of single-parent, or low income families require special attention when one takes into account their needs and interventions adapted to their situation. To integrate a special needs child into a daycare service is to include him in society. Our centre thus wishes to play an active role in this regard insofar as the resources at our disposal are sufficient to adequately respond to the child’s needs.

With this in mind, CPE Jardin de Fruits provides the BC with the services of a psycho educator, over 18 hours a week, in order to intervene with providers, parents, and children in the process of integration. The BC can also count on the contribution of professionals of other organizations (CLSC, CSSS, hospital, private clinic, community agencies…), thus maximizing opportunities to achieve desired goals.

Contribution of the psycho educator

The intervener assigned to the BC’s post of psycho educator has to achieve several significant tasks inside her mandate. Among them, some directly touch upon special needs children :

:: support for providers who welcome special needs children
:: prevention and detection
:: awareness and education (organizing meetings with specialists)
:: creation and application of intervention plans
:: individualized follow-ups (sometimes in collaboration with the CLSC and other community organizations)
:: support and follow-up with parents
:: training, information and referral for parents
:: creation or research of pedagogic material or intervention tools according to the need
:: realization of early stimulation activities
:: animation of specific workshops (such as “The Pacific Path” program)
:: support for underprivileged families in immediate need