Functions of the Coordinating Office

The Educational Childcare Act was adopted in December of 2005 and created noticeable changes to the management and coordination of home childcare services in Quebec. Since June 1st, 2006, this new framework gave birth to coordinating offices which were recognized to coordinate educational home childcare services offered by providers in a determined territory. Their particular functions are the following :

:: d’accorder les reconnaissances sur son territoire
:: To grant recognition within the territory assigned to it
:: to apply monitoring measures determined by regulation for the home childcare providers it has recognized
:: to distribute subsidized childcare spaces
:: to determine parents’ eligibility for the reduced contribution
:: to administer the granting, payment, maintenance, suspension, reduction or withdrawal of subsidies :: to the providers
:: to maintain a centralized information service
:: to foster ongoing training for providers
:: to offer pedagogic and technical support upon request
:: to deal with parents’ complaints

Its role pertaining to providers

The Coordinating Office has the following roles pertaining to home childcare providers :

:: to establish and maintain a process of control (visits, verifying ratios, attendance, absences, health and safety, well-being, veracity of information, registered children, rates…)
:: to manage recognition requests (Coopérative Enfance Famille waiting list, information briefings…) and those who are presently recognized (recruitment, suspension, revocation, resignation, renewal, revaluation…) according to formally applied procedures
:: to provide technical, legal and administrative support (notably in regard to the management of provider remunerations)
:: to provide the necessary pedagogical support to as to allow for each child who attends a home childcare service to receive the care and services required for him to develop and bloom whatever his reality or particular condition
:: to present and support the use of the pedagogical program
:: to ensure the overseeing and follow-up of the training and upgrading file of each provider
:: to organize monthly and other meetings
:: to establish an Internet site in order to inform the providers and the population about home childcare services
:: to present and facilitate access to the resources of the toy and book/reference library
:: to ensure adequate treatment of complaints (from parents)