Services aux parents

The mandate of the Coordinating Office of CPE Jardin de Fruits is to offer educational home childcare services, to children 0 to 5 years of age, from Monday to Friday inclusively, for a continuous period of 10 hours a day, to the population of CSSS de la Montagne/Snowdon/Metro. Each home childcare service (RSG) is formally recognized by the CPE, following determined procedures and regulations, and is then the subject of a regular process of monitoring and control on the Coordinating Office’s part. (BC). A revaluation process takes place every three years permitting the CPE to determine whether to renew the previously allocated recognition.

Let us add that continuous pedagogical support is available to providers, and that they profit from the BC’s umbrella of services that are also available to them (specialized resources, follow-up, material, infrastructure, upgrading, training…). The BC therefore ensures that the services provided are suitable, of quality; conform to ministry expectations as regards health, safety, development, well-being and equal opportunity for children to receive the services. The educational program applied by home childcare providers is basically the same as that of the centre and includes a whole panoply of activities that support the development of the whole child including emotional, social, moral, cognitive, linguistic, physical and motor development.

Identical bases… different applications

Provision of educational childcare in a provider’s residence is aimed at meeting the needs of parents who wish their children to be cared for in a family type environment which they can expect to be : user-friendly, stable, cozy, multi-age, cohesive, flexible, comfortable, made-to-measure… In short, a home away from home environment that will reassure a child whose parent is absent. Indeed a multi-age group resembles a family setting since the children are of varied ages and the number of attending children is far lower than in a daycare centre i.e. that is, 6 children to a provider and 9 if she has an assistant. Also, although the bases of the educational programs offered are the same, educational home childcare differs from that offered in the daycare centre because of characteristics specific to each home childcare service (physical environment, values, intervention strategies…). Consequently, a provider’s educational program may please one parent, but not another. No single formula exists in home childcare.

Number of spaces

The number of subsidized spaces granted by the ministry for the district served by CSS de la Montagne/Métro/Snowdon is currently 575 for the whole of the territory. Subsidized spaces are already distributed among 68 active home childcare services. If spaces are not currently available, parents who wish their children to benefit from home childcare services must place their names on Coopérative Enfance Famille’s waiting list, to await available spaces.

Home childcare services

Home childcare services must offer complete, quality childcare, in accordance with the spirit of the law, to the population served. Providers affiliated with the Coordinating Office of CPE Jardin de Fruits currently offer parents:

:: one provider for 6 children, up to 9 children with an assistant (a maximum of 2 babies per provider , and 4 if she has an assistant)
:: one provider for 6 children, up to 9 children with an assistant (a maximum of 2 babies per provider , and 4 if she has an assistant)
:: a flexible childcare service schedule (with some evening or night services)
:: an educational program based on “Play is magic”, in a flexible family type environment, with planned, written programming for multi-age groups
:: educational activities which promote the development of the whole child in all dimensions: physical, motor, cognitive, linguistic, socio-emotional and moral
:: educational outings and activities planned on occasion with the early childhood centre’s attending children
:: daily communication with parents
:: A midday meal and 2 snacks (am and pm)
:: a supervised midday nap
:: information and documentation for parents (through the BC)
:: access to the CPE’s toy and book lending library
:: bilingual services (French-English)
:: specialized educational services for special needs children (Coordinating Office + protocol agreement with the CLSC and collaboration with other community organizations)
:: support for parents in need (parental skill acquisition, support, referral…).