Our mission

CPE JARDIN DE FRUITS offers educational, diversified and quality childcare services that foster children’s health, savety, global and harmonious development.

Reflecting the portrait of a multiethnic community, the CPE contributes its centre’s resources in order to support families.

From the on site daycare centre to the neighbourhood CPE

Our CPE has offered educational childcare since September 25th, 1987. At the beginning, the daycare centre was called Garderie Ferrier and it offered a daycare service that was affiliated with the head office of the Le Chatreau chain of stores. We were then located on Montview, on the west side of Décarie, not far from Ferrier Street. After a few years, the Le Chateau stores moved and the daycare centre served the employees of neighbouring manufactures. At that time, the daycare centre was housed in a small open concept building and received 24 children in a mainly Anglophone environment.

The move to 4988 Place de la Savane in the summer of 1991, where the present daycare centre is still located, equipped the daycare centre with a more spacious setting. The environment is safe and pleasant. The yard gives direct access to a park, and motor vehicle traffic is reduced since the centre is located at the end of a small crescent. The number of spaces increased from 24 to more than forty. The CPE served all the north-western part of the Côte-des-Neiges district. The profile changed and the centre became multiethnic, reflecting the population that it served.

A CPE involved in its neighbourhood

The district of Côte-des-Neiges is a sector with many contrasts between wealth and poverty. On one side, industrial and commercial zones shelter prestigious companies; on another, are residential zones with multiple dwellings, densely populated with recent immigrant families. Several of them find themselves in a context of vulnerability. CPE Jardin de Fruits gradually adapted its services to meet their needs. The CPE opened spaces for families with very low incomes and for children who presented particular challenges.

At the end of the 1990’s, the CPE joined in dialoguing with the planning table of Côte-des-Neiges CPE’s and also forged bonds with other social actors. The CPE has since collaborated in various development projects.

The development of home childcare and the Coordinating Office

The CPE led the way in the Côte-des-Neiges district, when in 2001, it was the first to establish spaces in home daycare. However the project would not have been carried out without the close cooperation of the planning table of CDN, which later again strongly supported the application for CPE Jardin de Fruits to take charge of the Coordinating Office in 2006. The home daycare services under our control today offer the families of the districts of Snowdon and downtown a potential of 575 places, under the responsibility of 68 home daycare providers.