Montreal, May 26, 2011

Dear Providers,


            Martine and I attended a meeting yesterday at the Ministry of the Family, and we obtained information concerning Instruction #11 and the changes related to it.  We want to inform you about some important information. The ministry’s representatives indicated to us that you will be able to directly view Instruction #11 on the ministry’s web site in the days ahead.


New time sheet

            There is a newer version of  the time sheet that you can download from either the ministry’s web site or our web site.  Please use any copies that you have made of the original model of the time sheet! Once your supply has been used, you can photocopy the newer version.  The changes mainly relate to the APSS (absence of provided subsidized services).

·         APSS prédéterminée : days that involve the obligatory closure of the childcare service (statuatory holidays).

·         APSS non déterminée : days that involve the obligatory closure of the childcare service that are chosen by the provider (vacations).


Vacations and APSS

            You must transmit a written notice to your parents, by  June 1st at the latest, to indicate your vacation dates. You must keep a copy for the BC. If necessary, you must modify your actual contracts by adding an annex. This annex must be signed by you and the parent and a copy must be sent to the BC.


Deadline to respect

            Because the time frame for the deadline is very short, we are allowing you to submit certain documents later that anticipated. However, we must maintain the June 1st deadline in regard to the documents that we must receive in respect to informing your parents, and  submitting your vacation dates.


Deadline to respect

Obligations that the provider must respect

June 1, 2011

Give parents a written notice regarding the vacation dates that you will take between June 25th and September 6th 2011.

June 1, 2011

Send the BC a notice regarding the vacation days that you will take between June 25th and September 6th 2011.

June 15, 2011

Send the BC copies of the written notices that you gave to parents.

June 15, 2011

Send the BC copies of the annexes to the contracts that have been modified.


            According to your collective agreement, the Provider must take 16 days within the year of reference (from April 1st to March 31st). This means that you must close the childcare service. You cannot be replaced during those days.


Here are the details in regard to the 16 days :

  • 10 days of which 5 must be consecutive, during the period which begins the day following the national holiday of Quebec and ends on the day following Labor Day. Therefore, for this year, the dates are from June 25th to September 6th 2011.
  • 6 days, during any other period of the current year of reference.  The provider must give parents a written notice, 15 days preceding these days at the latest, indicating the dates that these days willl be taken.


 Provider meetings

            Following Isabelle’s departure, we have decided to cancel the provider meetings that were scheduled for the beginning of June. However, if you require any assistance or information concerning these latest changes, we will perhaps organize a meeting to respond to your questions. You may also contact your association to obtain the information that you may need.

            I know that many providers are already aware of this new information.  I thank those who have already informed us about which vacation days they will take during the summer period, as well as having sent us copies of contract annexes.  


Thank you for your usual understanding and collaboration.



 Assistant Director