In the spirit of openness to all at CPE Jardin de Fruits, the « team » does not only limit itself to the permanent full-time personnel, although they in fact constitute the principal contribution in the achievement of the mission and objectives of the organization. Indeed, it should be emphasized that several other actors, whom we will later name, play roles which positively affect the development of the CPE.

Salaried and contracted personnel

CPE Jardin de Fruits, daycare centre and Coordinating Office combined, currently employs 18 duly trained persons in permanent full-time positions. Therefore, in addition to the three people assigned to the tasks of management and administration, to the ten educators and the cook, the team is also made up of a psycho educator, two pedagogic advisors and a conformity agent. One will note that this team is particularly stable considering their average 8 years of seniority within the same CPE, 6 of them having been employed for more than 10 years.

Martine Désilets Director
Sophie Taillon Assistant Director
Lise Gingrais Secretary-receptionist
Daycare Centre
Nathalie Messier Educator
Mélanie Messier Educator
Mireille Fangek Combaz Educator
Anna Bordonaro Educator
Julia Aliaga Educator
Jacqueline Guignard Educator
Irina Bakharev Educator
Magdala Choute Educator
Martine Labée Educator
Nana Balkissa Salifou Educator
Coordinating Office (BC)
Donna Donovan Conformity agent
Lucrecia Hurtarte Pedagogical Advisor
Isabelle St-Pierre Pedagogical Advisor

Moreover, the CPE also employs some occasional educators (familiar to the CPE for the most part), as well as contractual people able to ensure accountable follow-up, daily building maintenance, staff training, certain more specialized tasks, as well as repairs and installations, when required, of buildings and infrastructures.

Home childcare service providers (RSG’s)

Home childcare service providers (RSG’s), who presently number 68, and who offer a potential of 575 spaces in various home childcare services distributed in our territory, form an equal part of the large team of CPE Jardin de Fruits. They are also much involved and have proven to be steady and dynamic team members, since the advent of the Coordinating Office. We will specify here that the providers collaborate with their CPE/Coordinating Office at a rate approaching 98%, which is to their honour.

The Board of Directors (C.A.)

Among the most engaged volunteers, are those who are elected each year at a General Assembly and who successively form the Board of Directors (C.A.), whose main role is to manage the affairs of the corporation and to make all the necessary decisions for the purpose of determining the priorities and the objectives, adopting policies and the budgets, and entrusting the internal management to a person engaged for that purpose. Numbering 12 members in total, one counts among them 4 officers (president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary) and 8 directors, divided as follows :

:: 4 daycare centre parents
:: 4 home childcare service parents
:: 2 employee representatives
:: 1 community representative
:: 1 home childcare service provider representative – RSG

The composition of the current Board of Directors :

Dominique Owen President
Josephine Sciortino Vice-president
Jacques-Arnaud Biley Treasurer
Marisol Sanches Secretary
Lucrecia Hurtarte Director – B.C. employee
Mireille Fanjek Director
Isabelle Paventi Director
Martina Mc Lean Director
Marie-Josée Villeneuve Director
Ouafia Berradj Director – Home childcare RSG
Léonie Archambault Director

CPE Jardin de Fruits also counts within its large team several people who act on a purely voluntary basis, among them for the most part, parents and providers, but also family members of the personnel, who occasionally involve themselves to assist with special outings with the children or other significant events. The history of the CPE reveals a certain number of these memorable implications and we would like to take the occasion to say thank you to all those who graciously contributed their time for the enjoyment of the children who attend our daycare centre.


CPE Jardin de Fruits could not function either without its partners, the main one indisputably being the Ministry of the Family. It is the MFA who subsidizes educational daycare services in Quebec, and the CPE actually currently operates thanks to this privileged partnership.

Jardin de Fruits also collaborates with a good number of interveners and organizations in the milieu, in an individual capacity for the most part, but also in the form of dialog. This collaboration most often occurs in relation to interventions planned in regard to children and families with special needs, but may equally touch upon their mutual interests in regard to joint actions in term of development, promotion or prevention. Sometimes the CPE is involved in local dialog by sharing certain reflections or actions in relation to social issues concerning community life within its served territory.

Some of the partners with whom CPE Jardin de Fruits has to collaborate in various moments of its community life :

:: Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés – Québec (cadre et subventions)
:: City of Montreal, district CDN – NDG (permits and activities)
:: Fire fighting and police services (impediments, safety and prevention)
:: CDEC (financial aid for development)
:: Coopérative Enfance Famille (waiting lists)
:: Youth centres, DYP, CLSC (social work)
:: CLSC Côte-des-Neiges (agreement protocol – offer of service)
:: Community center (references)
:: Association of Côte-des-Neiges Parents(references)
:: Douglas Hospital and external psychiatric clinic (mental health)
:: Marie Enfant Hospital (handicapped children)
:: St. Justine Hospital (specialized children’s health care)
:: CPE’s of the milieu (collaboration and dialog)
:: Centre de services préventives à l’enfance de Côte-des-Neiges – CSPE
:: Colleges Marie-Victorin et Vieux-Mtl, CSDM, Centre Champagnat (stagiaires)
:: Planning table of Côte-des-Neiges (local dialog)
:: Catholic Croatian Association (building and material rental)
:: Multicultural Library of Côte-des-Neiges