We previously mentioned the important role that volunteers contribute to the unfolding of several CPE activities, while specifying that the parents make up a large part of this appreciated group. Let us recall that they are implicated in various committees, on the Board, in certain special activities and accompany the children on outings.
However, their most important participation is primarily on a daily basis, when they are informed of their children’s well-being and evolution, when they read and are interested in information intended for them, or when they work cooperatively with the educators (or other resources) in relation to necessary interventions. Day after day, the CPE endeavours to establish a bond of trust with parents, by welcoming them, informing them about their children or by inviting them to involve themselves in the life of the CPE in different ways.

Integration at the CPE

When a child first attends the centre, he begins with a transitional period during which he may be accompanied if need be. We then propose that the parent remains at the CPE with their child until such time as he adjusts (for a few hours over a few days). That softens the transition for the child and allows the parent and educator to make contact.

Integration of babies

During the baby’s integration, the participation of one of the two parents is necessary. The parent must initially remain with his child during the first weeks, and then leave his baby at the CPE for short days, followed by increasingly longer periods (progressive integration). It is important that the parents take part in the development of the sense of security which is more difficult to acquire at this age.

Educational outings

Parents also take part in the life of the CPE during educational outings which involve travel on a bus or the subway, or when the additional presence of a number of adults is necessary. This parent participation proves to be essential where outings may be cancelled if the numbers of adults present were insufficient to ensure monitoring and safety.

Special activities

In order to bring pleasure to and enrich life within the CPE, the personnel occasionally organize special activities: a corn roast, a luncheon with the parents, plays performed by the children… Parent participation is very important here, and the children strongly appreciate it.

Contribution of particular material

It sometimes happens that parents are called upon to take part in certain pedagogical activities when educators ask them to bring particular materials, generally related to themes developed in the group. This contribution encourages the child to feel that his parent supports his learning.