CPE Jardin de Fruits’ library is today much more than a simple inventory of books stacked on shelves. Indeed, it is a place in itself, within the daily setting, where the older children can come with their educator to be in contact with books. The atmosphere is peaceful and permits the children to focus on the activity that prepares them for reading.

Book lending for the children

In addition to being a distinct place where the children occasionally go, the library also makes it possible for the educators to borrow books to rotate in their classrooms, as they do with the toy lending library. When the need arises, we also adapt a solution to lend books to families whose resources are more modest.

Currently, without counting the collections, a score of cassette-books, and more than 50 activity books intended for children, the library has about 400 paperback books and about 75 hard cover or material ones. A classification color facilitates the educator’s work in helping the children to explore this universe of printed words and images. More than forty topics, directly related to the interests of toddlers and preschoolers are available in the bookcases.

Accessible books for adults

The CPE library also houses an interesting resource bank of information and pedagogical documents (books, reference texts, workbooks, CD’s and videos) for adults who work with children.
These relate to child development, hygiene, health and safety, the preparation of activities intended for children of all ages or songs and rhymes.
The providers have access to these documented resources at any time. Note that the library is in the process of making several of these documents available on line.

The municipal library

Despite the presence of an internal library, children among the 3 or 4 older groups, along with their educators, nevertheless have the occasion to take part in an outing every two months, to the multicultural library of Cote-des-Neiges. Transportation by bus is ensured by the CPE. The children consequently take the time, in this magnificently adapted setting, to handle and choose books which could be borrowed for use in the daycare centre until the next outing.

A conference room