CPE Jardin de Fruits inaugurated its brand new toy lending library service in 2005, intended for the attending daycare children as well as home childcare children. Consequently, educators and providers could regularly renew their activity material (rotation of toys) thus allowing for variety in order to stimulate the child’s interest, to his greater benefit.

The following material is currently available in the library and was obtained according to 6 of the basic activity area principles of the « Play is Magic », program; (the 7th principle is described in the LIBRARY section :


:: 29 containers of varied blocks (Legos, Méga blocks, bricks, wood…)
:: 14 containers of varied figures
:: 11 containers of animals classified by categories
:: 7 containers of vehicles (cars, boats…, large trucks…)
:: 30 types of houses (houses, castles, farms…)

Symbolic Play

:: 46 containers of accessories (shoes, scarves…)
:: 34 hats, helmets, wigs…
:: masks and animal costumes
:: puppets and soft toys
:: furnishings (kitchen centre, carpentry centre, ironing board…)
:: more than 50 costumes or parts of costumes (children – adults)

Music and Movement

:: for movement (balls, kites, tunnels, beams, bean bags, massage rollers …)
:: for music (miniature xylophones, drums, maracas, guitars, pianos, tape recorders with microphone…)

Manipulative toys

:: 84 cardboard puzzles – 73 wooden puzzles
:: 71 table games (dominos, memory, association…)
:: 40 manipulative toys (threading, mechanical, interlocking…)

Section science

:: globe
:: planetarium tent
:: 4 containers (anatomy, gardening, magnets, eye coordination)

Baby toys

:: Abacus, bead roller coasters, rattles, stacking rings, activity centres
:: musical balls, varied toys

Other equipment

:: nap mats, stroller, booster seats
:: 8 theme suitcases (transportation, horses, the sea, firemen, police officers, preparation for reading, music of various countries, China…)