The group names have evolved since the centre took its first steps. In the beginning, one found grapefruits, apricots, apples, cherries, clementines, and even strawberries in « Jardin de Fruits »! The name « Jardin de Fruits » was maintained to identify the CPE, but the group names underwent a change a few years ago. Today, the groups are called :

:: gosslings (0 – 18 months)
:: butterflies (18 – 24 months)
:: bees (2 years with 2 _ years)
:: ladybugs (2 _ years to 3 _ years)
:: dragonflies (3 _ years at 4 years)
:: suns (4 years at 5 years).

The ages noted here are for reference purposes only, because depending on the clientele, from one year to another, there could be, in practice, minor variations, within a margin of a few months, especially among the three oldest groups.