where « each gesture, no matter how small, can change the world »

To live harmoniously with others and with the environment is a value which the CPE recommends, applies in its daily practices, transmits to the children and promotes more and more to the parents and the providers. In 2008, CPE Jardin de Fruits was recognized as a « Brundtland Green Establishment », a recognition which we are all very proud of since it testifies to the steps which the CPE has been engaged in for several years and which aim at contributing, to the best of our ability, to the development of a better world. Our actions relate to the environment as well as to the attitudes between people.

What is a Brundtland Green Establsihment (BGE) ?

The name « Brundtland » comes from Mrs Gro Harlem Brundtland, who chaired the United Nations Commission on the Environment and Development, which published a report in 1987, under the title « Our Common Future ». This report announced major concerns raised by the study group which in part addressed cooperation, equity, solidarity, respect, peace and human rights. It indicated above all the need for concrete and committed actions, despite how small they are, in order to change the rapport that human beings have between themselves and the environment.
A BGE is thus a place where one models concrete and continuous gestures likely to contribute to the construction of an ecological, peaceful, interdependent and democratic world. It is a social movement subscribed to by responsible citizens who give direction to the whole of the educational acts that they already model.

Here are some examples of the environmental and human contribution of CPE Jardin de Fruits, which testify to its commitment « to educate and act for a viable future » :

Ecological actions

:: waste reduction (organic matter composting…)
:: water reduction (use of automatic taps)
:: paper and container recycling
:: re-use of paper, clothing, materials…
:: installment of a nature yard (vegetable garden, flowers, bird feeders…)
:: cleaning the yard and adjacent park
:: researching topics concerning ecology with the children
:: participation in nature exhibits (children)
:: educational outings (Botanical Garden, Biodome, Insectarium…)
:: awareness, prevention, campaigns and promotion

Peaceful actions

:: animation of the « Pacific Path Program » with the children
:: solution focused communication presentation by « Fletcher Peacook »
:: application of a life style code
:: training on harassment and adoption of a Policy against psychological, verbal and/or sexual harassment
:: purchase of peaceful toys

Interdependent actions

:: participation in the planning table
:: protocol agreement with the CLSC (joint actions)
:: partnership with various community organizations
:: member of 2 cooperatives
:: children’s play, with themes of friendship, courage and mutual aid
:: distributing donations of clothing, toys, and diapers

Democratic actions

:: sensitization to discrimination, poverty…
:: integration efforts for children with special needs (handicaps, challenging behaviours…)
:: parent participation (General Assembly, Board, committees, activities…)
:: provider participation (Advisory Committee, meetings…)
:: application of the « Play is magic » program