We all know that children are entitled to quality daycare services, and that this right should be respected each day, in all circumstances. That includes elements relating to the health, safety and well-being of the children, like the application of the educational program supporting the global development of the child and his harmonious integration into the community. Also, beyond the daily efforts that we already accomplish to offer services which respond to parent needs and the requirements of the law and regulations, there is always room to continuously improve the quality of all of these dimensions.

A Plan of continuous improvement of quality services

Based on the values that it defends and on its social commitment, CPE Jardin de Fruits has, since the year of reference of 2007-2008, accepted to implicate itself in a process of continuous improvement of quality daycare services while adhering to the ministerial Plan, which is articulated around 4 fundamental dimensions :

:: educational intervention, which includes the quality of the educational program, the relevance of the educational material, training and the supervision of the educational personnel, the quality of the interactions between the educational personnel and the children and between the educational personnel and the parents

:: health and safety, sbeing the safety and the health of the environment, the equipment, the material and the practices

:: human resources, including working conditions and management

:: community integration, being the efficient use of resources.

The recommended approach emphasizes information sharing, awareness, and mobilization of personnel and partners, mainly the providers, above all, preferably with recourse to a cohesive approach.

The Declaration of Quality Commitment

As a daycare service provider, CPE Jardin de Fruits, in collaboration with management personnel, as well as the members of the educational and support personnel, voluntarily committed to the Ministry to engage in a formal and recurring process of continual improvement of quality, by signing the Declaration of Quality Commitment, and giving an account in an annual activity report.