In august of 2004, CPE Jardin de Fruits was enriched by a teaching and reference guide, called the “Educational Program”, whose instructions conveyed orientations and fundamental values to the CPE, its principal pedagogic foundation, as well as the way in which these principles must be applied daily. This program reflects the whole of the positions and the choices adopted to put forth a common pedagogic approach by all the members of the CPE. This document became then, a privileged tool of communication, which allowed all the users, including parents, to understand the daily language used at the CPE.
This educational program was the result of the work committee composed of Sophie Taillon (pedagogic advisor), Magdala Choute (educator) and Caroline De Guire (president of the Board of Directors in 2004).

Principal contents

1. Introduction
2. History of the CPE
3. Orientation and values
4. Intractions with the children
:: observation
:: integration
::  les interventions
5. The « Play is magic » educational program
::  the 4 basic principles
::  a description of the activity corners in the class rooms
::  a description of the activity corners in the outdoor yard and activities in De la Savane Park
6. The Daily Schedule (daily routine)
7. Intervention style
8. Special events
::  theme days
::  special guests
::  educational outings
9. Programming/planning of activities
10. Tools for communication with parents
11. Parent/educator meetings
12. The role of parents in CPE Jardin de Fruits
13. The role of different intervenors
14. Appendices
::  pedagogic strategies
::  schedule for the integration of babies
::  outing procedures
::  sample communication – (daily/weekly/monthly)
::  a description of the key experiences

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