Importance of healthy emotional ties between adults and children

Much research has shown that the quality of the attachment bond (primarily with the parent) during the first years of life has a significant effect on the future life of an individual. Also, much importance is placed on the emotional ties which are established between the child and other significant adults. Through the daily interaction at the CPE, a special bond is created with each child so that he feels protected and recognized at all times.

Equality of the sexes

We avoid attributing specific characteristics to boys and girls. We take care to allow children to bloom according to their own needs and personality.

Acceptance of ethnic differences

CPE Jardin de Fruits accommodates children of various ethnic groups. It is paramount for us that the children and their parents, who come from different cultures and different countries, feel equally accepted and valued. We therefore take care to educate and contribute to the social integration of children and families.

Respect for physical characteristics

We encourage the children to accept the differences of others, whether it is their age, a handicap or some other characteristic. Moreover, CPE Jardin de Fruits supports inclusion of special needs children, with the necessary support. By living daily together, the children are enriched, learn respect for others and understand that each can have his place in the CPE and in life in general.


One of the ultimate goals of education should be to help the individual to increase his self-esteem. We therefore believe that the more children have the opportunity to develop their skills and competences, in all of their dimensions, the more their self-confidence will increase.


It is well known that play constitutes a privileged means of self-expression for the child and is central to learning. This aspect prevails in our relationship with the child. We believe it to be equally important that all of the children and adults who live together daily at the CPE consider the environment and atmosphere to be one that is good to return to the following day.

To live in harmony with the environment

In these times when the environment has become an important issue for all, we make an effort to contribute our share and apply our values by various means in our daily practices, to transmit our values to the children and to promote them to parents and providers. Respect, protect, re-use, recycle, embellish, consume responsibly…, these are the daily actions practiced and promoted by the CPE. (See our “Green Project”, for more details.)